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About Us

There are many reasons why your shower may need repairs.

Broken Tiles, Falling Tiles, Cracked Grout, Mouldy Silicon, Faulty products or Taps, even an inexperienced trades person can cause a shower fault and the list goes on.

SOS knows all the reasons and knows how to repair them in a way they won't come back. Insurance companies will tell you that Wet Areas are one of the largest areas where claims are made.

A leaking shower left unrepaired can cause major structural damage and cost thousands of dollars in rectification works. A simple call to SOS and a free assessment may save you time and money.

We assess the problem and then give you a plan of attack with a fixed price*.

That's right, a fixed price*.

Why can SOS give you a fixed price*?

Because the person who initially looks at your shower is the Trades Person NOT the Sales Person.

With many of our competitors, The Sales Person will give you a price, but with an EXTRA's clause. According to what MAY be needed AFTER the demolition is started by the trades person and then give you the AMENDED price.

At SOS, we know what to look for, we know what we are looking at and we know what is needed to make it right - FIRST TIME.

With over 25 years experience and a combined experience over 90 years! We have seen and fixed it all.

Our clientele includes Builders both commercial and residential, Asset Management and Insurance companies and of course private households.

We are the Wet Area Specialist!
Our work is Guaranteed.

We suppply and actually use drop sheets to protext your home. We leave it as clean as when we started the job.

Why not give us a call and have a hassle free assessment and quote?

Don't forget to ask how you can save 5% off your quote.

(*Fixed price does not include any Plumber or Electrician that may be required after demolition. This is very rare.)